Safari Bulletin

Announcements and information about the site and future changes. Check back often for the latest forum happenings!

New Users Hangout

Just rolled in from a storm? Take a seat and we’ll offer you hot chocolate as you get to know everyone else around here. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

The Safari Zine

This category is the public hub for the Safari Zine, where article ideas and discussions will be posted.

Questions & Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. Questions about site usage and features are also welcome here.

Pokémon Discussion

Welcome to Pokémon Gaming! Any discussion – whether specific or general – in regards to Pokémon Gaming can be discussed here.

Mafia Hub

Welcome to the Mafia Hub! This is a forum for participating in games of Mafia.

Media Studio

Put your dreams onto paper (or computer) in the Studio. Art, photography, video editing, music- all of these fall under the category of “Media”.

Entertainment and General Gaming

The entertainment section is your central hub for all things music, television, movies, books and sports!

Chill Out

This section is for topics that do not fit elsewhere in the forum, typically more light hearted fare that provokes random conversation.