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Hack Screenshot Thread [ROM Hacking] (4)

Playing through a hack and want to show a screenshot of something you did? Something you found? Something somebody said, or anything else from the hack? This is the thread to do it! Just post the screenshot.

About the ROM Hacking category [ROM Hacking] (3)
ROM Hacking Team Recruitment [ROM Hacking] (4)

Post here to recruit people or offer your services for a team. If you’re looking to recruit people to help with your project, you should include the following in your post: Your preferred method of contact A detailed e…

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How did you start playing hacks? [ROM Hacking] (4)
New Music [ROM Hacking] (6)
PretMap | Map Editor for the Pokeruby and Pokeemerald Disassembly and Decompilation Projects [ROM Hacking] (4)
What’s a place you want to see in a ROM Hack? ( 2 3 ) [ROM Hacking] (43)
What's your favorite Rom Hack? [ROM Hacking] (9)
How did you get into hacking? [ROM Hacking] (6)
What do you think a town / city should have? [ROM Hacking] (6)
What generation do you like playing hacks of? [ROM Hacking] (3)
What kind of region do you like? [ROM Hacking] (10)
Secrets in Hacks? ( 2 ) [ROM Hacking] (27)
Script Help Topic [ROM Hacking] (1)